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About Us

Tory and Teri Smith are nationally known Marriage/Relationship Therapists and Radio & TV personalities. They are the co-hosts of the award-winning show, Love In Black with Tory & Teri.


Love In Black with Tory and Teri is an edutainment formatted relationship talk show which focuses on in-depth discussions of love, dating and marital topics. The 'Black' in Love In Black is a financial metaphor meaning, 'Keeping Your Love In The Positive!'


Love In Black with Tory and Teri originated in 2018 as Marriage Talk Tuesdays on Facebook Live.  They gained national prominence discussing relevant relationship topics and answering questions from the audience live on their show.  This led them to their first radio show on Gospel Radio Nation, shortly afterwards, their first terrestrial station, Houston's KYOK 92.3 FM with the show entitled, Marriage Talk-Saturday Brunch.


In 2019, while simultaneously hosting two separate radio shows, they received their own TV show, called Love In Black with Tory and Teri.  This led to the discovery of and an offer to be a part of Urban One (Formerly Radio One) Houston Praise stations-- KMJQ 102.1 HD2 and KROI 92.1 FM. During their tenure at Urban One, they were the number one rated Saturday show averaging over 22,000 Houston listeners!  As of 2023, you can hear their show on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, TX. 


As counselors and media personalities, Tory and Teri have received several awards, accolades, guests on national and local radio and TV programs, hosted Red Carpet Events and Awards Show Presentations amongst other noteworthy mentions.


To be a guest, financial supporter or to submit a question or letter to be discussed on the show, please contact them at or

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